Rotary Vacuum Evaporator - The Most Versatile Borosilicate Glass Process Equipment

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A Rotary Evaporator, also popularly known as a Rotavapor or Rotovap, is a specialized and extremely Versatile Equipment for chemical processes.

In this Article, we would touch upon the following broad topics:

  1. Rotary Evaporator Principle
  2. Rotary Evaporator Construction
  3. Rotary Evaporator Design Variations
  4. Rotary Evaporator Applications
  5. Other Evaporation Alternatives to Rotovap

1) Rotary Evaporator Principle

The Evaporator is essentially working on the same principles as a distillation unit i.e. separation of components having different boiling points. However, few special design features make the functioning of the Rotovap unique and versatile.

  • Operation under high vacuum of 1 torr, thereby reducing the solvent boiling points under vacuum considerably as compared to the boiling point under atmospheric conditions.
  • Constant rotation of Rotary flask results in a thin layer of process media on the inner wall, thereby ensuring uniform heating across the entire mass, and less possibility of bumping.
  • The rotation of flask immersed in…

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